5 Cosmetic Treatment Methods

In dentistry, when you visit your dentist to improve your smile, you will be introduced to 5 cosmetic treatment methods. Your dentist will first run some x-rays, clinical examinations, and then set treatment options that suit your case.


This treatment is for patients who seek a boost in the color of their teeth. Patients who prefer whitening are usually satisfied with the shape, form, and alignment of their teeth. It’s a 30 minutes procedure that will give a brighter smile. The result of the whitening procedures is very natural and satisfying for the patients but it’s temporary because it depends on the patient’s eating and drinking habits, and on oral hygiene.


It’s a treatment method that helps correct the alignment, occlusion of the jaw and teeth. Orthodontics fall into 3 main appliances (braces): :

• Fixed braces:
Which can be made of either metal or ceramic. The main difference between them is that the ceramic can be clear or the same color of your teeth so it is hardly noticeable when smiling unlike the metal braces that is very noticeable and unpleasant to most of the patients when smiling, but they both give the same results. Fixed braces are used to treat nearly most of the cases, especially the complicated cases.

• The interior braces or the lingual braces :
What makes these braces different is the position, it’s located interiorly and doesn’t show at all when smiling or talking. Some patients are usually annoyed by the interference of the braces with the tongue, difficulties in pronunciation and ulcers occurrence. Some patients break it easily due to the chewing pattern when fiercely biting on it.

• The clear aligner (Invisalign):
It is the latest technology in orthodontics, and it’s everyone’s favorite. Dentists use it now to treat 80%-85% of the cases. It’s invisible, very comfortable, easy to use, and improves cleanliness.it’s also removable, the patients can remove it and enjoy their meal. For maximum benefit and results it has to be worn for 20-22 hours a day.

Minimal prep or Non-Prep veneers:

It requires a small amount of tooth surface to be removed by drilling or no drilling. The dentist can control the shape and shade of the smile to about 50-60%. The teeth shouldn’t be very protruded, or very crowded, the teeth should be small, or when gaps are present. Protruded teeth push the smile forward. One of the advantages of this approach is that the patient gets to maintain the natural tooth and be able to remove the veneer later on.

Preparation veneers (Prep-veneers):

It requires more removal of the tooth surface to reshape the tooth. Dentists can control 60-70% of the shape and color of the smile. This method is suitable for many cases like mild crowding, and protruded teeth.

Both veneers offer an attractive smile, maintain the teeth structure, and give a uniform smile. Both veneers also can chip out from the junction point of the veneer and the natural tooth when a strong lever force is applied on the tooth.

Lastly, crowns:

All surfaces of the tooth will be drilled, we use crowns to cover destructed teeth, teeth with multiple caries, and to cover teeth after root canal treatment. It provides the best protection for the teeth.
Crowns are also used in treating severely crowded teeth, or maligned teeth. Teeth can be repositioned to enhance the alignment, but the dentist might need to root canal treatment for certain teeth in that case. We encounter these cases with patients who absolutely refuse to do any orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment or the crowding.
Even though crowns are the most invasive approach, yet they still win all-time best aesthetic results as the dentist can control 80-90% of the shape and color.

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