Children Dentistry

Establishing good oral hygiene begins at an early age!

Establishing good oral hygiene begins at an early age! At Liberty Dental Clinic, our exceptional pediatric dentists and staff provide child-friendly dental care including preventive, restorative, and diagnostic pediatric services in a fun, caring, state-of-the-art environment to help maintain a bright smile for your child.

Parents can count on their child’s comfort and safety being our top priority. We take extra steps to ensure that each dental visit is a great experience for your child. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to a lifetime of bright, healthy smiles!

Each procedure is age-appropriate and administered in a way that will show our respect for your child’s comfort and confidence.

Professional Cleaning/Prophy

Teeth cleaning is a necessary part of good oral health, we consider it part of your child’s regular dental check-up to remove harmful tartar and plaque from the teeth. Most children don’t mind this procedure because it’s not painful and its quick and introduced by our team in a fun and encouraging way.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays use less radiation and produce images faster than traditional X-rays, reducing the amount of radiation exposure your child receives, they also produce very high-quality images enhancing our ability to detect cavities and other issues.

Composite Filling

The most recent filling procedures are performed taking into consideration the tooth condition and its natural color using tooth colored fillings. All drilling instruments are carefully sterilized and sealed and strictly dumped after every usage.

Preventive Procedures (Fluoride Protection/pit and Fissure Sealant)

Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride (APF) gel will be applied to the teeth surfaces, this gel will help in the formation of the flour-Apatite which increases the resistibility of teeth against cavities up to almost 70% for the period of approximately 6 months. The fluoride gel application is a non-painful process and takes very little time. This treatment is highly recommended for children of all ages.

A pit and fissure sealant is a substance that is placed in the pits and fissures of healthy teeth to prevent food and bacteria accumulation in the most susceptible areas that leads to decay. (Only for posterior teeth).


In this procedure, the infected upper part of the primary tooth pulp will be removed and replaced by a medicated filling material, and the remaining part of the pulp will be preserved in the root canals. The tooth will remain healthy until it falls out naturally when your child grows, in case of infection after pulpotomy a full root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth should be performed.

Simple Extraction

This treatment is a last resort when all other treatments fail and it can be conducted using local anesthesia in the clinic’s premises or general anesthesia in a hospital.

Space Maintainer

When a primary tooth is lost prematurely our pediatric dentist will recommend placing a space maintainer, this is a small appliance fitted between the teeth to prevent their movement in order to maintain and save the space of a missing primary tooth preparing for permanent tooth emergence to prevent drifting of adjacent teeth that can cause crowding and other orthodontic problems. Knowing that, this appliance fitting will not affect the child’s normal speech, eating and teeth brushing.

All White Ceramic or Stainless-Steel Crown

Fully white, prefabricated, ceramic crowns especially designed for children and these crowns are made of solid Zirconia, composed of solid tooth-colored material that makes it look extremely esthetic, both from the front view and on the inside of the mouth.

A Stainless steel crown will be placed on deciduous teeth with extensive tooth decay, pulpotomy treatment, or root canal treatment to protect the tooth from further fracture since the back molar teeth are used for chewing and therefore need to hold up under pressure.

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