Bleeding gums is a sign of an underlying problem that needs periodontal therapy, it can take various forms, but the goal is always to restore diseased tissue to health.

Our periodontists are specialized at diagnosing and treating all forms of gum disease, which includes treating the related damage to the teeth and jawbone that results from gum disease. They also use thorough diagnostics, patient education and advanced minimally invasive procedures to effectively treat gum disease and save teeth and bone.

After conducting a comprehensive exam to discover the extent of gum disease and determine the appropriate treatment we take digital x-rays to get a complete picture of the gum and bone level and when necessary we take a 360 degree 3D image of the entire jaw using our 3D CT scanner then a treatment plan will be formulated to educate you on your case so you know exactly what will go on and what will happen during your treatment.


Deep Cleaning

The first line of attack against periodontal disease is a full deep cleaning, where we remove the accumulated bacterial plaque and calculus on the tooth surfaces above and below the gum line ,we also smooth out the root surface ,which makes it harder for bacteria to attach to the tooth and easier for the gums to reattach .we use ultrasonic scalers for gentle and effective scaling and they emit high-frequency vibrations that gently remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces without damage to the tooth or root structure.


Laser Treatments

The use of dental lasers is very effective in periodontal diseases, it gently removes damaged tissue and eliminates bacteria from deep pockets, so its main use is disinfection and speeding up the healing process.


Gum Surgery /Gum Grafting

Our doctors can graft gum tissue over your tooth roots where your gums have receded and restore your natural gum line. This not only enhances your smile, it protects your roots from decay and preserves the stability and health of your teeth.


Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Uneven gum lines and gums that are too large around your teeth can cause your smile to look unattractive, and in some cases can affect your overall oral health.

Our doctors can lengthen the crowns of your teeth and re-sculpt your gum line to correct the following cosmetic or dental concern:

  • A “gummy smile”, caused by the gums covering too much of the teeth making the teeth appear short.
  • An uneven gum line.
  • The crown of a tooth which is too short for a dental restoration.
  • A tooth which has never erupted through the gums or descended to its proper place in the dental arch. This leaves a space in the arch that adversely affects the bite.
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