Unlocking Your Perfect Smile: Transforming Your Teeth with Orthodontic Magic, No Extraction Required!

30 years old female patient presented to Liberty Dental Clinic – Dubai branch for dental consultation with Dr. Majd Naji. Patient complained from her smile, she wants nice and attractive smile. We did the proper dental diagnosis and we found teeth crowding, non-aligned upper and lower teeth, improper bite, abnormal occlusion. Dr. Majd Naji advised patient to start orthodontic treatment to align her teeth, and achieve proper bite & teeth relation, then she can do teeth whitening if she wants to have natural smile, or she can do non prep NNN veneers in case patient wants to change the color and the shape of the teeth after the orthodontic treatment.
Patient will follow Dr. Majd advice, and she chose to work on her smile in a natural way and do orthodontic treatment.
Patient`s journey started in Liberty Dental Clinic in the restorative department. Before we started orthodontic treatment, we did teeth scaling and polishing, the needed dental fillings, and dental restorations. Then we start in orthodontic department, we informed patient about the orthodontic treatment plan, treatment duration, and the options of the orthodontic appliances that we can use for her case:
-Fixed metal braces.
-Fixed ceramic braces.
-Lingual braces.

We informed patient about the negative and positive points of each technique, we informed her about the treatment plan, treatment duration, and how much is important to follow up the appointments and follow the instructions of the orthodontist during her treatment, to avoid any negative effects on the orthodontic treatment, and to reach our goal smoothly and get rapid orthodontic treatment.
Patient chose the metal brace for her treatment, the expected duration of the orthodontic treatment was 8-12 months, the treatment plan based on expansion of dental arches, alignment of upper and lower teeth without teeth extraction.
We used fixed metal braces as per patient request, patient was cooperative during the treatment duration and she followed our instructions, so the treatment passed smoothly, and we reached our goal of the treatment and completed it in 9 months. We aligned the teeth and achieved proper occlusion and teeth relation, and patient got amazing natural smile without teeth extraction or teeth reduction.
After we completed the orthodontic treatment and we reach our goal, patient was happy and satisfied from the result, so we removed the braces and we placed upper and lower fixed retainers, plus advice patient to use removable retainers at night to retain the teeth and prevent case relapse. We informed the patient about the ability of the teeth to back to the original position before the treatment, so she has to keep using the retainers to avoid any unfavorable teeth movement after the orthodontic treatment.
After that we referred the patient to restorative department in Liberty Dental Clinic to check if she needs any dental fillings, restoration, or if she is interested in doing teeth whitening. Or in case she is interested in doing any aesthetic dental treatment like non prep NNN veneers.